Aggazzotti Nocino Riserva Notte di San Giovanni

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The Aggazzotti family moved to Modena in 1714. Known locally as a family of professionals, doctors, and scientists, they always had a love of nature and agriculture. Their balsamic vinegars are widely regarded as perhaps the best in the world. Through the centuries they planted more and more walnut trees on their estate. Based on the recipe created in the early 1800s by family member Francesco Aggazzotti, the green walnuts are harvested by hand the first week of summer in concert with the feast of San Giovanni. The soft walnuts are split by hand and macerated in neutral alcohol for a year in glass demi-johns exposed to the sun giving the spirit its dark color. Next, the spirit is transferred to stainless steel vessels, where a secret recipe of spices are added and the spirit is allowed to age for a minimum of four more years. This is a top-class liqueur that transcends categories and easy classification. Notes include autumn leaves, chicory, mustard powder, dried prunes, old Port, fig preserves, and more.

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