Amaro Lucano

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Where it’s from: Pisticci Scalo, Basilicata, Italy
What’s in it: More than 30 ingredients, including aloe ferox, angelica root, bitter orange, blessed thistle, elderberry, gentian, musk yarrow, rue, sage, wormwood
ABV: 28 percent

“If people have had Meletti and Averna and want something similar, Lucano is the first place I send them,” advises Dhanens. Produced in the southern region of Basilicata (located on the instep of the boot), Amaro Lucano was founded in 1894 by Pasquale Vena and is currently run by the family’s fourth generation. It’s a medium style with a rich complexity and balanced herbal bitterness, and aromatic notes of licorice and cinnamon. While it’s a frequent go-to as a digestivo, one of my preferred ways to drink it, and a favorite low-ABV drink in general, is with tonic water and a lime.
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