Bartolo Nardini l'Amaro 1L

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Where it’s from: Bassano del Grappa, Veneto, Italy
What’s in it: Bitter orange, gentian, peppermint
ABV: 31 percent
Like the Noninos, the Nardinis are famous for their grappa; their distillery, founded by Bartolo Nardini in 1779, remains one of the oldest in Italy. The grain-based blend is made with just three key botanicals—bitter orange, gentian and peppermint—that reveal a complex harmony of flavors, which Joe Keeper, of Bar Keeper in LA, describes as “reeking of the bitterness found in dark chocolate with notes of licorice.” I often overlooked Nardini when I first got into amaro, but I’ve since corrected my ways. According to Greg Cochran, bar manager of the New York aperitivo bar Vini e Fritti, others are catching up, too. “It’s getting called for more and more, and it’s perfect for a bartender’s handshake,” he says, referring to the tradition of bartenders greeting fellow industry colleagues with a goodbye (or often hello and goodbye) shot.
Try it in: Carroll Gardens, Safe Passage, The Bitter Swagger

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