More than any other producer we carry, Paolo Bea represents the soul and spirit of our shop. His intention is not to simply make wine, but to interpret nature. Bea believes nature should be observed, heard, and understood, not dominated. His style is basically non-interventionist. His vineyards are old, worked using biodynamic methods and with care. After the hard work in the vineyard is done, Bea goes for long maceration and slow vinification times, looking to extract all the qualities of the harvest. Once in tank or barrel Bea allows the wine to rest for years longer than is required by law. Working with Sangiovese, Montepulciano and most importantly, Sagrantino, Bea understands that the time at rest allows the tannins to soften, the aromatics to come alive and the wine to find its balance. There is no temperature control during the production, no filtering and only a tiny amount of sulfur added at bottling. These methods have gone on unchanged for years and now have been adopted by countless other winemakers as the best way to allow the energy of the earth to come through in the bottle. 
Needless to say these wines have become one of the most requested of the shop. These can be hard to describe wines, with an ethereal, raw and rustic quality that has to be experienced to be understood. Once tasted, they become hard to forget, etched in the mind and palate.

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