Cappellano Barolo Chinato 500ml

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Barolo Chinato is basically Barolo base wine infused with quinine and other herbs. I like to say it smells like Christmas in a bottle. Amazing after a meal with dark chocolate or by itself. Many Barolo producers make their own versions of Chinato but Cappellano invented it and is still considered the greatest producer of this marvelous beverage.


Along the lines of Beppe Rinaldi and Bartolo Mascarello, Teobaldo Cappellano was one of Barolo's great traditionalists. He was also an iconoclast. Teobaldo stuck to the time-honored ways of making Barolo, refusing to use barriques, chemicals or cultured yeasts; he was one of the first winegrowers to return to fully organic agriculture; and in 1983, he stopped dealing with wine media because he disliked the practice of scoring wines. For this last reason, you won't find a lot about Cappellano Barolo in contemporary wine journals, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't drink them; in fact, it's likely a reason why you should. Teobaldo passed away in 2009, but the estate continues in the hands of his son Augusto, who runs things as his father did, crafting long-aging, unadulterated Nebbiolo wines.

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