Fulvia Tombolini Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi Classico Castelfiora 2016

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Fulvia Tombolini is the winery in the heart of the Marche, in an area set among flourishing hills combed by velvety vineyards, between stretches of the purest blue sea and a tight network of medieval villages, where the Tombolini family have been handing down their passion for winegrowing since 1921. Fulvia Tombolini, the daughter of Giovanni, has chosen to continue the story of her family. This is the special “vintage” bottling of the Castelfiora Verdicchio. Clean, mineral and almond flavors, with balanced acidity and a bright refreshing finish. Organic 12.5% abv

The estate-owned vineyards form an amphitheater of rare and natural beauty, encompassed in a privileged and exclusive area: the only place where Verdicchio can be called “Classico”. The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi tradition begins with the arrival of the Dorians people to Ancona from Greece in 387 BC (”Ankon” means elbow in Greek and the capital and main harbor of le Marche region is located in a gulf). From the ancient Greek “staphile’” (bunch of grapes) comes also the name of Staffolo, the medieval town which hosts our winery and Verdicchio vineyards. After a few centuries the Romans took control of these territories, contributing also to perfecting local winemaking by introducing the Roman Amphor preservation and aging technique. And it is on the back of this ancient story, that since the 1940s the sensuous Amphor shaped bottle became the symbol of Verdicchio around the world. Our Verdicchio’s vineyards are all inside this small, original, historical area of the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi which allows for the most prestigious “Classico” denomination. 

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