Cynar Ricetta Originale 1L

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Where it’s from: Padua, Veneto, Italy
What’s in it: Artichoke and 12 other secret herbs and botanicals
ABV: 16.5 percent
Carciofo amari are made with artichokes, and Cynar has been the most well-known example of this style since it was created in 1952 by Venetian philanthropist Angelo Dalle Molle. While artichoke is prominently featured on the label of the bottle and is the only known ingredient among the 13 herbs and botanicals, Cynar doesn’t actually taste like artichoke. Instead, a pronounced bitterness shines through that’s rounded out with savory, vegetal notes. The lower ABV gives it an EZ-Pass to cross the bridge between add-a-splash-of-soda aperitivo and served-neat digestivo. And it’s another bottle that’s frequently turned to for cocktails.
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