End of Dinner Party Mixed Case

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Begin Scene. 

Fade in.

A dinner party now long into the evening. Dinner plates are pushed aside and the conversation is raging along wonderfully. You reach for the wine and find that the bottle is empty. Now what to do? It is getting late but your guests would clearly like a touch more wine. You search for something else to drink and find only prized bottles that are not ready or too special to open as your "cleanup" bottle. With everyone waiting and no other choice you reach for that pricey cult California Cabernet with 15% alcohol. You will regret this in the morning.

Fade out.

End scene.

This is a familiar scene in our house so we decided to again offer a mixed case of wines for an average of about $12 a bottle. That's 20% off full price!

The case includes 7 reds, 4 whites and a bottle of bubbles. Items subject to change for equal value and quality. 

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Sale Price: $140.70 SAVE 20%!
Wines are subject to change for items of equal price and quality. Tax not included.



Fattoria del Cerro Rosso Manero 2015
One of the best values in Tuscany. A blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. Well-balanced, delicious and easy to drink.  13.5% abv                

Chateau Guilhem Pot de Vin 2016
Merlot is back! This crushable red from the south of France over delivers and is underpriced. A favorite combo. 13% abv         

Fulvia Tombolini Rosso Conero Dororosso 2015
Rich, spicy red from the Marche in central Italy. 100% Montepulciano shows the earthy terroir, making it very distinctive from its Abruzzese cousin. 13.5% abv

Melovivo Frappato 2017 Frappato is a Sicilian grape with bright cherry flavors and a fresh mouthfeel. Serve with a slight chill. 13.5% abv             

Brandini Dolcetto D'Alba 2015 Dolcetto is the go-to wine for the people of Piemonte and for good reason, it is delicious! 13.5% abv              

Quinta do Encontro 2014 This Portuguese blend from the Bairrada is supple and smooth. 13.5% abv  

Campo Malbec 2015 Malbec from Argentina can often underwhelm. Not so here. Dark and spicy, it does the Malbec thing perfectly. 13.9% abv                 


Bastianich Vini Orsone Sauvignon Blanc 2015 The clay ‘ponka’ soils of Friuli deliver much of the same qualities as you get in Sancerre but for half the price. 12.5% abv

Valori Pecorino 2016 Pecorino the grape is one of the best things growing in Abruzzo. Soft and easy, with a tasty light finish. 13% abv

Brigaldara Soave Classico 2017 Soave is one of our favorites when done right. 100% gargenaga, pure minerality. 12% abv

Bleecker California Chardonnay 2016
California Chardonnay that shows a touch of oak and goes done easy, maybe too easy. 13.5% abv  


Flor Rose Spumante This prosecco has a touch of Pinot Noir (so technically you can't call it prosecco) for color and flavor. 12% abv

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