La Garagista Loups-Garoux Vermont Rouge 2016

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Loups Garoux is a grape called Frontenac Rouge. It’s a grape that will naturally dry 50% of the bunch volume on the vine, then is pressed by foot and finishes in an old french barrel. Here you have a wine similar to Amarone. 

Loups~Garoux is the French name for mythical wolf creatures that are not cursed, but blessed.  One is born a Loup-Garou and can turn at will. They are elegant, dark wolves to behold and remind us of other mythical creatures like those in the legends of the Black Wolves of the Chateauguay, the wild alpine terrain that defines our homefarm and vineyard landscapes.  Loups~Garoux speak of the woodland and are mercurial in nature.  Hand-harvested and unfiltered, this red wine hails from our alpine vineyard in Vermont on the edge of a lake, grown among wild purple aster and white fleabane.

– Deirdre Heekin & Caleb Barber

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