Radikon Jakot Bianco 2009 500ML

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 Apricots, flowers, mint and spices fill the glass in this skin contact white wine from Friuli. It is dense and rich. Jakot is simply the inverse of Tokaj, which producers are banned from using beginning with the 2007 vintage. 500 ml

Stanko Radikon makes some of the most unique wines in Friuli. His whites see an extended period of contact on the skins and are aged for several years in cask, an approach which in many ways makes them similar to red wines. These wines should be served at cellar temperature (not chilled) in large red wine glasses, which will allow for their full range of aromas to emerge. Readers should not be concerned with the amber hues these whites often display as the color is simply a result of the super-stripped down style. In recent years Radikon has also eliminated the addition of SO2 during bottling, making these some of the most natural, unmanipulated wines being made anywhere. Radikon bottles his new releases in 500ml and 1-liter bottles.

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