Varnelli Amaro dell 'Erborista 1L

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Where it’s from: Muccia, Marche, Italy
What’s in it: Bitter orange peel, cinchona bark, cinnamon, clove, gentian, honey, rhubarb root
ABV: 21 percent
I know that having two songs by the same band back-to-back on a mix-tape is generally to be avoided, but what I love most about Varnelli is the fact that they offer two complementary, but equally unique expressions. Consider this my version of playing “She’s a Rainbow” followed by “Emotional Rescue”—same band in two different eras, both pretty terrific in their own right. The flip-capped Dell’Erborista bottle and its cloudy contents (it’s unfiltered) are based on a historical family recipe and was first released in the mid-1980s as a tribute to founder Girolamo Varnelli. Of the two Varnelli amari, Dell’Erborista is considered a cult classic among amaro aficionados. “You know you have an amari enthuisast or industry person in the house when they order Dell’Erborista,” says Vini e Fritti’s Greg Cochran.

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