Varnelli Amaro Sibilla 1L

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Where it’s from: Muccia, Marche, Italy
What’s in it: Bitter and sweet orange peels, cinchona bark, cinnamon, clove, gentian flower, gentian root, honey, rhubarb root
ABV: 34 percent
The two amari produced by the Varnelli family in the Marche region of Italy—Amaro Sibilla and Amaro Dell’Erborista—will always have a home in my Top Five Favorite Amari list. First produced by Girolamo Varnelli in 1868, one of the signatures of both of his namesake amari is the local raw honey used as a sweetener. It’s pleasantly bitter with a profile of dried, candied fruit and forest floor flavors rounded with coffee and honeysuckle. “It’s a very broad-shouldered amaro, displaying beautiful intensity and deep, aromatic, botanical notes,” says Oskar Kostecki, spirits buyer for New York’s Chambers Street Wines. “It’s full-bodied and rich from start to finish.”

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